Posted 11th Jun 2022 (Posted 10 h, 33 m ago)
I need to make a couple of phone calls to some businesses in Pakistan on their landline. I don't want to take out a subscription and prefer to avoid paying for a large amount of pointless credit. I also don't have any inclusive 0870/0844 etc numbers and they don't use Whats app. Any help appreciated.
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    Get a Lyca or Lebara SIM? (edited)
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    Cheaper to send them money to buy a cheap phone & sim then use whatsapp
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    You can set up a Skype account with a min £5 credit. Calls to Pakistan are then 8.2p/min
    Free if the other party has downloaded SKYPE.
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    Can they download SKYPE?
    Other suggestions : Buy o2 calling card. You dial chargeable access number first but its free if you have unlimited minutes on your mobile phone, then it is 2p per minute.
    Alternatively download REBTEL application on your phone, buy credit and use. They are cheap as well.
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    Lebara sim.... Often at £1.99 a month, you could cancel after only one month.
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    If you can message them and ask them if you can WhatsApp call them most will oblige. Never done this for Pakistan but I’ve done this previously for companies in India.
    I know you are being helpful but OP has already said that his contacts in Pakistan don't use WhatsApp. But you know, OP's contacts can use or borrow someone else's phone who uses WhatsApp. Doesn't cost anything and it is a common practice in the Subcontinent. (edited)
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    Try Rebtel
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    Thanks for the suggestions.

    I realised I'd got my son a cheap Lebara sim. I've had to top it up with £5, so that should do it.
    Glad you are sorted. This what you pay to call mobile and landline if you scroll halfway down this link page :…tan
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    Get a really big megaphone!
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    Don’t know if anyone knows on here talkhome has app on the App Store and you top it up £5. Lasts months and won’t run out like 30 days etc .
    I use that . No sim needed obviously
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