Cheapest way to do IDE -> USB?

Hi guys,

I'm wondering what is the absolute cheapest way to get an adapter that'll let me plug in an IDE drive and use it over USB?

Mostly the data cable is what I'm after - my PSU is modular so I can always plug in the power cable from that if needed!

Any suggestions would be fantastic, I want to make sure I get the right thing and don't waste my money on something that won't work!

Not too fussed on a proper caddy etc either unless I really need one, since this drive will only be plugged in very briefly and very rarely (it'll be in my PS2 mostly) - but either way is good



have a look at these links hope it helps you out....

I've got an IDE to usb cable you can have for £3 delivered if you want?
It has an IDE 3.5 connection one side & an IDE 2.5 connection on the other & connects to a usb.

Original Poster

Many thanks for the links tyler, and for the offer stgeorge, unfortuantely I jsut bought one anyways with IDE and SATA - should be useful I hope.

Thanks again!

Think if its a 3.5" drive then you have to put the jumper to master not slave for it to work .Should tell you a reference point and where jumper needs putting to make ot a master on your drive .
( Might be talking utter rubbish but think thats correct , i'm sure some computer genius will correct me if i'm wrong.)
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