cheapest way to fly from uk in uk

    hi all. i am having some trouble finding some cheap/ish flight tickets. basically my parents need to come down early next week from manchester to devon. they have just been down on the train but my grandad is poorly and they need to come again but the trains are not working out quite as cheap due to being short notice.

    thought them flying would be easier-my dad isnt too well so sat on the train for four and a half hours isnt very good for him

    you lovely people helped me with cheap train tickets so pleaseeeee can anyone help with flight tickets.

    basically mon/tues or wed is ok to come down for (before thurs) for about 4 or 5 days.

    travel from either manchester, blackpool or anywhere along there
    to exeter

    ive tried a couple but working out around £500- can fly to spain or much furthur for that amount-with accomoadtion

    does anyone know if there are codes or cheaper way of doing it please

    if not, thanks anyway, i will just have to book

    thanks in advance


    Air southwest fly Manchester to Plymouth if thats any use and are usually competitive on price ( maybe not so much at short notice) so may be worth a look.

    My pal used to fly a lot between Edinburgh and Nottingham and used to get a flight from BMI Baby one way and then Easy Jet the other way etc as it was much cheaper than doing a return flight. Don't know if that helps but maybe worth checking individual flights with different companies?

    flybe do internal flights quite cheap

    then jet somethng??

    or ryanair?

    Original Poster Banned

    thank you. i will have a look, i checked fllybe-they were the cheapest at just over £500.

    thanks x
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