Cheapest way to get a decent TV reception?

Found 19th Mar 2006
Greetings all,

I live in an area where TV reception is pretty naff. BBC1, BBC2 and ITV are OK but C4 is a blizzard and C5 is no-where to be seen.

I think I could get Freeview but I would need to install a booster with my aerial and this probably costs a bit.

I've been looking at Sky. They currently have an offer where the first 4 months are half price and then it's £15 for the following 8 months. A total of £150 for the year. Going through quidco you can get £50 cashback so a total of £100 for the year. The question is, what happens after the 12 months. Do you know if I can unsbscribe but just use the equipment to view the 'normal' and freeview channels?

Ta in advance,

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As far as i know, if you cancel your subscription you still get to view the free channels.

That's why the BBC adverts for Digital TV say you can buy a Digi box from £40 or Free sattelite for £150
You keep your box & crd and can use it to recieve freeview through the satellite (thats wat I'm doing, same boat as you).

If sky do offer you another deal after the 12 months, you can put your box in another room & they will give you another one (so you will have freeview in one rrom & sky in another - or just keep the freeview) !
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