Cheapest way to get a PAYG 32GB iPhone 3GS

    Im sorry if this has been asked before, but is there anyway i can get the 32gb iPhone 3GS on Pay As You Go, for cheaper than the £538.30 that o2 sell it for on their site.



    Buy from apple website and you will get Quidco on that...

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    is that the biggest discount, thats 4% which equals to about £21.

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    no other ways, im gonna but one soon, so i need to know!

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    ok guys im buying one within 15 hours, really need help its a lot of money!

    As has already been mentioned, go through the apple website and get cashback. Otherwise buy it off someone who got one as a free upgrade and wants to sell it on - that's what I did with my iphone 3g nearly a year ago.

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    ok im trying that, but i thought maybe there would be a discount code, or going through student link or something like that.

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    final bump, im gonna buy one within the next 2 hours, no cheaper way??????

    r u still looking for one of these let me now and i might get one for less thanks
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