cheapest way to get an xbox 360

    Whats the cheapest way to get the xbox 360 premium now? The boots offer is over now aint it?


    I got mine from blockbuster not the cheapest so I'm probably not helpin

    I got xbox 360 premium & 4 games, it was with Gears of war, spliner cell, pro evo 6 & PGR 3, but I asked and was able to swap 2 of the games for another 2 that I wanted. so I swapped the last 2 listed for. Rainbow 6: Vegas & Dead Rising

    Plus I got 50, £1 off vouchers

    Also Argos have had a couple of deals where you pay the normal price & get a free game. seen them advertise it with gears of war and another time with PGR 3

    theres a gamestaton deal which has:

    XBOX 360 Premium
    Rainbow 6 Vegas
    Xbox Live Unplugged
    Extra Wirelss Controller
    Battery Pack

    All for £299 - which is the a good deal as your only paying £20 more than the normal £280 for £130 worth of stuff!

    But then again if you have the money then the blockbuster deal is just as good.

    As an aside, the quidco is for the undiscounted price so more cashback!

    Steal it....
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