Cheapest way to get Astro A50 gaming headset?

    So far, the best I can do is around £200 for a refurb headset on eBay. These things are incredibly costly. Seemingly worth the money, no doubt, but if I could bring that price down a bit my wallet would appreciate it.

    Are there any vouchers or deals currently in existence, but fairly hidden away that I'm not seeing?



    Hey man, you tried Amazon Marketplace, or Gumtree?

    Original Poster

    I have. No luck so far. Where possible I'm trying to avoid second-hand. Refurbished is about as far into second-hand as I'm looking.

    Hmm seems like a decent headset by the looks of it. Im assuming you definetly want it BOTH multi platform and with 7.1? Are there not any alternatives you want or are you just familiar with the company?

    Keep your eye on eBay for a little while - you might still find something there. I got a nearly new pair for about £130 at the start of the year.

    I would also like to know this, constantly trying to look out for discount codes. They had a 50% off last April but nothing since.....
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