Posted 10th Feb 2023 (Posted 19 h, 9 m ago)
I am looking to get a BT sport for a couple of months. the cheapest on the BT site seems to be £25 a month. I have BT essentials broadband.

Are there any other deals out there?

EE used to offer a mobile sports package but can't find it anymore.
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    Probably worth stating that the BT Sport pass goes up from £25.99 to £29.99 on February 17th. (edited)
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    Another vote for the fire stick instead of paying over the top prices for sports channels!
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    I also had the same issue

    If you are able to switch to Virgin Media, you can add their Stream to Broadband and currently get Sky Sports and BT Sport for £28.75 a month
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    Been looking myself as West Ham are on tomorrow and the conference league starts again next month but yes the £25 a month seems to be cheapest to watch on the big screen or mobile. Unless you have plusnet broadband then you can get BT sport for around £15-£17.
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    for what they show it's rip off at those prices

    get someone you know to show you the firestick option
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    I’m with ee mobile and get Bt sport and big screen for £28. But will go up in April.
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    Thanks for the suggestions. Currently mulling over an offer on BT website, £10 per month for 24 months.
    Only thing is I think BT lose some of the football rights after next season.
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