Cheapest way to get from Glasgow to London?

    I'm meeting a friend in London next month and I was just wondering what the cheapest way to get there (and back) is. I don't mind a long journey so if bus is the way to go thats fine. I don't really know any bus companies though so any help is appreciated. Other options are train and plane. Thanks for any help.



    advance tickets at the train station, my ticket from edin to manchester only cost me something stupid like £12 each way

    just go to your nearest manned station and ask, i was being quoted like £150 for the 2 of us online
    (and 2 under 5, well technically eldest is 5 but shhh) but got it much cheaper when i spoke to them


    Try teleportation



    (I quoted for the big pic LOL)[/COLOR]

    walk lol

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    Hahaha thanks for the replies guys While walking would be the cheapest, its hardly practical.
    After chatting with my parents they told me to try National Express. It turns out Megabus is slightly cheaper so thanks to those who posted the link to Megabus.

    Can you fly....get a red cape and some yellow trousers....I have a diamond shaped "S" somewhere....

    if you book 2 weeks in advance it is approx £11 each way and you book 4 months in advance its £5 each way the cheapest way to travel but will take you a good 7 or 8 hours traveling.

    [url][/url] - look at singles to london first cos thts the cheapest
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