Cheapest way to get game pass Ultimate?

Posted 13th Jun
Hi all, I have previously had game pass Ultimate, I had X amount of Xbox live left so I did the offer to convert it to game pass Ultimate for £1 a year ago and it has just ran out so I now have no subscriptions left etc.
I want to get ultimate back again and for as long as possible, I've seen a few methods like buying 36 months gold then converting to ultimate 1:1, some says this still works and some say Microsoft divides it by 3 or something and that's what you get as month of ultimate since I've redeemed the offer before. I want to know which is the cheapest that definitely works before I bite the bullet. cheers
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Gold first then Ultimate, even if you pay full price for Ultimate for a month it will convert 1:1.

If you have Ultimate already then add any Gold it will convert at a lower rate.…zil

Use a VPN and works a treat. Then just upgrade by getting a month of Ultimate.
Good guide on the "Brazil" method here:…745

Scroll down thread.
Thanks for the help
What I did:
Bought 36 months (3*12) Brazilian XBL gold for £25 (It was the cheapest)
Downloaded NordVPN trial on my phone, ran a Brazilian server, changed language and location on Xbox app to Brazil/Portuguese , redeemed the codes via the app

Changed back, then turn on Xbox and find game pass Ultimate offer, I had already redeemed the £1 offer so I paid the £10.99 fee to convert the 36 months. I had to contact Xbox support to change my XBL subscription from Brazilian back to UK as I got an error when trying to get Ultimate at first. worth the effort given the saving.

Total Cost, £85.99, as opposed to 10.99 a month for 3 years (395!)
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