Cheapest way to get into Istanbul?

    Looking at travelling to Istanbul for a few days - left ticket booking a bit late. What are the alternative to flights the people would recommend?


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    3x usual price for a return. oO
    This should teach me about booking travel late.
    Decided to stay in the UK and do an Eurotrip around Easter instead.


    You could fly to a neighbouring country where it's a bit cheaper to get to.

    if flight is about 4 hrs, what chance you got with alternative travel..... prob could drive, but that will take 3 ish days and end up costing double the triple price you got. fly to.Greece (rhodes) and take a boat across? Doubt it will be cheaper, but suppose depends what time you're thinking of going.

    if you have.some spare time on your hands, can have look at some indirect flights to some.odd destination first. couple of years ago flew through Stockholm for Xmas, was half the price but. had to spend good few hours in airport. wasn't going to Istanbul though.

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