Cheapest way to get my Xbox 360 online wirelessly?

    Hi all,

    I've moved my 360 upstairs and my router is downstairs, therefore need to pair it wirelessly. Do I need the 'official' bridge/adapter to do this? (That's for sale for £55 on Amazon!) Or can cheaper alternatives do the trick?

    I don't see anything on DX and everything on ebay seems to be going for £40+. Seems so utterly expensive for something that'd set you back £5 if it was a laptop you wanted to get online.



    is there such a word lol?

    i tried to do this cheaply for ages, if you can bet a cheap power over ethernet plug that would be the best way but they are really expensive, in the end i went through the ceiling, so it΄s ethernet all the way,

    do you have a wireless enabled laptop and a spare ethernet cable. If so, then yes you can connect to xbox live for no extra cost. i can tell you if you want

    is there no way to set a spare wireless router as a bridge to connect to the 360 with an ethernet cable?
    I begrudge paying the best part of £60 for what should essentialy be a wireless dongle!

    theres no need to buy anything extra if you have a wireless laptop and an ethernet cable (one comes supplied with the xbox).
    All you need to do is:

    1. turn your xbox on then connect to to your laptop with the ethernet cable (making sure the lights flash on the port)

    2. open Control Panel, click Network and Internet Connections, and then click Network Connections. You should see the wireless connection and the local area connection.

    3. highlight both icons and right click on one and then bridge connections

    4. once this is completed another icon should be present, the network bridge icon

    5. restart the computer and plug in the xbox again, making sure the lights flash on the port and you should be ready to go.

    i only say make sure the lights are flashing because on my own laptop, sometimes when i plug the cable in they dont flash, which means it hasnt connected.

    if the bridge has been made but does not appear to let traffic through, there is a fix (quite complicated, but nothing to hard) for this and just let me know, and ill be glad to help

    you could use powerline adaptors (work over mains wiring) with ethernet at either end to xbox & router respectively
    these cost about £40+, but can also be used for other connectivity than just the xbox alone (as opposed to the official ms adaptor)

    All you need is any cheap wireless bridge with some ethernet ports to connect to the xbox and it'll do the trick.

    No, you don't need the official wireless adapter. It is the simplest and neatest solution but well overpriced. Your other choices are:

    Buy another wireless router/bridge, hook it up next to the 360, connect the 360 using an ethernet cable and connect the new wireless router/bridge to your existing one.

    If you have a computer (either desktop or laptop) in the same room that has a wireless connection you can connect your 360 to the computer using an ethernet cable and enable internet connection sharing on the PC.

    I agonised over the choices when trying to get my 360 online and ended up just buying 10m of ethernet cable and running it under the carpets! Wireless is nice for laptops and handheld devices but possibly still overrated for things that stay still if you can neatly arrange the cables. But the real problem here is Microsoft who didn't give the 360 built in wireless and won't allow third party adapters either :x

    Original Poster

    Cheers all, I will be using connection sharing on my laptop for setting up the bridge - thanks for going into a lotta detail.

    I run DD-WRT on my Linksys but unfortunately it's downstairs with my cable modem so I can't take advantage of it in this respect, so the laptop route will be the one for me.

    I can't believe M$ are charging the price they are for the Wireless bridge. I mean christ, 1. it's something that should have been built in to the 360 to begin with, and 2. Surely it'd encourage more people to get Live accounts, therefore could even be a decent loss-leader for Microsoft? Oh well who cares, time for a bitta DIY!

    Thanks all!
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