Cheapest way to get Nintendo Switch Online with expansion pack?

Posted 27th Jan 2023
Do any key retailers have the expansion pack version available? I've looked in the usual places, CDKeys, Eneba, Gamivo, but they only seem to have the non-expansion pack version.
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    find a "family" to share with
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    Well I did originally post asking about free slots but my post was taken down...
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    Can't buy Expansion Pack from anyone other than Nintendo directly. They do have an upgrade option if you already have standard membership. If you want Expansion Pack Family Membership it works out better to buy 2 yearly Family Membership from cdkeys for £22.99 each then converting to 1 year of Expansion Pack Family Membership for the additional £1.60 odd. Saves about £12 over the £59.99 full price. Family is for 8 accounts so can split the cost with others also.
    Expansion Pack Individual Membership regular price is £34.99 per year. It doesn't make as much of a saving using the same method as above for Individual Membership.
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    This is possible? I have read something that Nintendo does not allow you to upgrade if you have redeemed the online via key
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    Does anyone have room for a new family member?
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    Also looking for a family member slot with expansion, willing to pay
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    Also looking for a family
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    Hello all. 
    I have some slots available if you want to join the expansion pack. Let me know. 
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    Your messages are off
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    It’s on now 
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    Message sent!
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