Cheapest way to get SKY+

Found 24th Feb 2008
Hi guys.

looking to get sky+ installed in my flat

couple of problems:

don't think i can do it online as live in a 4 storey block of flats and require "special heights"?

therefore can't get quidco and online sky+ discount either and it starts looking pretty pricey...

any thoughts?

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If I reccommemd you and you'll get a free box?

If I reccommemd you and you'll get a free box?

mate you will pay a bomb to have sky+ installed in a flat. plus they wont install the second feed you require to use the full service. if you get permission from the main landlord then they will. however they have to come and survey the job, you pay them for that and then you have will pay over £100 to get it fully installed if you have no sky leads at all. if u already have a sky lead to your flat you only pay £30 connection fee. you wont get full sky + without the second feed tho. oooo and you dont get a free box nomore, its £50 mns vouchers. no harm in askin tho, you never no.lol good luck bro
i have a code to introduce a friend for a free sky plus box if you want it
try ebay
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