cheapest way to get to isle of wight

Posted 21st Mar 2012
hi me and my partner are going to isle of wight on 1st of may for a few days, hotel is booked now we just need to book ferry. We have never been there so have no idea of the best way and cheapest way for us to book this so im looking for some advice from anyone who does this often and knows where to get good deal please it will just be the 2 of us and our car going to isle of wight tues 1st till fri 4th and were travelling from surrey thanx in advance for ur time xx
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in b4 swim
Southampton to Cowes is usually cheapest but it takes longer than the other routes. Exact cost depends on what time you travel, early morning and late evening are cheaper.
Go on the nightflyer between 2400 hrs and 0400 almost half price.
When we went before Bestival it was cheaper for the hotel owners to get them for us instead of getting them ourselves.
The Ferry companies have a monopoly and big business has always opposed any suggestions of building a bridge so unfortunatly the only way is to cough up on the ferry...
My son and his mate go by Jet Ski across . Stop and have a pint in the Pub there and come back.
all depends what direction you are approaching the ports from and where you are staying. Pointless going from portsmouth harbour if you live near southampton

in b4 swim

Damn you MB i was at lunch and opened this specifically to say that!
Like said Red Funnel Ferry (Scumhampton side) is cheaper than Wightlink (Portsmouth side).

Most probs due to the clientele

Also Surrey = M3 or A3... so M3 = Red Funnel A3 = Wightlink

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Like said Red Funnel Ferry (Scumhampton side) is cheaper than Wightlink … Like said Red Funnel Ferry (Scumhampton side) is cheaper than Wightlink (Portsmouth side).Most probs due to the clientele ;)Also Surrey = M3 or A3... so M3 = Red Funnel A3 = Wightlink

More likely due to the lack of clientele. Unless you live next door to the Red Funnel terminal in Southampton, it's almost certainly quicker to go from Portsmouth.

I'd hardly call the approach to the Portsmouth terminal ideal but try driving to the Southampton Terminal! Then it takes forever at about 2 MPH chugging up Southampton Water. Why is Southampton such a dump?
I last went to IOW in 1977. Went over by ferry and came back by hovercraft. The hovercraft was fab.

It was probably a £1 return in those good ol days.
megabus using tesco vouchers
A bullet.
google map, satelite, close up and there you are it shows you the ports

megabus using tesco vouchers

does that take cars? oO
The cheapest ways are either through Tesco clubcard vouchers or by sailing at funny times (mainly during the night)!

or this

there are three routes onto the island with a car

lymington - yarmouth - wightlink

portsmouth - fishbourne - wightlink

southampton - cowes - red funnel

just check the websites and you can get prices
going at of peak times e.g. late at night comes out a lot cheaper and also make sure you book in advance to get best deals
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