cheapest way to goto London zoo -2 people?

Found 25th Jul 2014
I have seen via Google you can get 2 4 1 via a national rail ticket. It doesn't say if you need to buy 2 train tickets to do this? What would be the cheapest train ticket ?

Or is there any other 241 offers?
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Days out guide.says you need a valid train ticket, I've used them loads, never had to show rail ticket.
I went London zoo from Hatfield and they checked both our train tickets we picked up the 2 for 1 booklet in the station and filled the voucher in on the back page to get 2 for 1 as I don't have a printer
You could consider using the Tesco Clubcard programme

Yes, you can also print a voucher for the 2for1 entry at London Zoo by going via Days Out Guide as mentioned by paulathompson. According to MoneySavingExpert.com: Buy a National Rail ticket and register 'n' print a voucher from Days Out Guide to get 2for1 entry.


What would be the cheapest train ticket ?

You need to have a ticket with an end destination of the nearest mainline station which I believe is Euston. A cheap single ticket appears to be between £4.70 and £5.70. Might even be worth checking how much it costs from where you live too, I see tickets from Richond where I'm currently living tickets cost only £5 if travelling after 11am to Euston.

I don’t know how you intend travelling though let’s say you intend travelling by tube. Go to your nearest mainline rail station, ask for a single ticket e.g. Vauxhall to Euston which should only cost between £4.70 and £5.70 as mentioned above, the then present this at London Zoo along with your voucher to get your 2for1. Or do the same as mentioned by XOXJADEXOX. You don’t have to use the ticket to travel by train, use your Oyster card as you normally would, as long as you present the single train ticket you should get the 2for1 deal without any problems.

There might be a simpler way of doing this, I'm sure someone on here can clarify that.

In theory you should only need one mainline ticket to take advantage of this offer though I’m not 100% sure about that, perhaps someone on here can also clarify that.

Tickets can also be bought in advance (e.g. the day before you travel) if you want to print the voucher via Days Out Guide.

The following also mentions the Tesco Clubcard offer as mentioned by Josh.


Check the following for times and ticket prices.

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