Posted 12th Sep 2022
hello guys

need to keep a phone number active for WhatsApp and such sake for an old person. the sim number is never used. so can't really be paying payg rates every month.

is there a phone company who's sim won't die if you don't use it? or a cheap company that allows £1 top ups instead of the £10 or £5 every company now demanding?

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    This. But it looks like things have changed. I use this sim and haven't made a chargeable call in years... But it's still active. Maybe I'm on an old plan that's no longer offered. I don't even think I paid the £5 initially... It was completely free.
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    I think 1p mobile, is £10 quarterly, but then that’s still £40pa
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    You could get a O2 classic sim from ebay min top up is £10 and make a chargeable call or text every 6 months to keep the sim alive. (edited)
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    Sadly I think Three stopped offering the free 200MB data SIM - would've been a perfect solution here...
    I know Asda used to give away SIMs that didn't need topped up - but then they switched provider and messed that solution up as well. Freedom Pop started charging (for "anti-fraud" reasons), RGW now need a top up to activate. I did try Voxi & EE, thy both need topped up. I know my Vectone is still able to receive calls without being topped up.

    I would recommend Vectone - remember if you are just using Whatsapp you only need the SIM present to set it up - you don't technically need a working SIM after that (provided you have an internet connection of course!).
    Also if using Whatsapp via an internet connection it doesn;t care what your mobile number is - you can swap out the SIM you used to activate it and transfer all your contacts over to the new number without the contacts noticing a number change.

    I bought about a dozen Lebara SIMs to feed the kids mobiles & tablets - back when the price had dropped to £1.35/m - which reminds me I need to chase them as the £1.35 charge was just made when I was told I would be automatically refunded and switched over to the 1p deal! (edited)
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    I have a spare phone with Vodaphone PAYG, all I have to do to keep it active is send one text or make one call every 90 days, you can't forget because they send a reminder. I topped it up with a tenner about 3 years ago and only used it originally to use the alarm to remind me to take my meds. (edited)
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    You know that you can use WhatsApp without a working SIM? You can register and use a landline.
    What’s a landline?
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    RWG Mobile you can top up £5 and u can top up whenever you want
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