Cheapest way to make calls on holiday

    Dear All

    I'm going on a cruise to Cyprus,Turkey and Greece.

    I want to know which is the cheapest ways to make calls home.

    I'm on Orange mobile but it always is expensive to ring home.

    Any ideas would be gratefully received.


    [url][/url] or [url][/url]

    :-D Hello..

    Try this [url][/url]

    I bought this holiday sim card last week and it is brill, I paid £30 for the sim card and that included £15 worth of credit..
    Its [COLOR="Red"]free[/COLOR] to receive calls while on holiday and approx 24p per min to call back to uk..

    A bargain in my book as i always come home to a massive T-Mobile bill whenever i go abroad..

    You will be issued with an International 00372 number so you can give it to family and friends in case they need to call you, (It costs them 13p per min to call u while abroad)

    Mine was delivered within 48 hours of placing order on there website..

    Good Luck :roll:

    ^ Does that work with locked PAYGO phones?
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