Cheapest way to phone/text home from Greece

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Found 5th Aug 2010

I'm really confused, I'm trying to find out the cheapest way to phone/text home when I go on Holiday to Greece, does anyone know? The info I find is very confusing. Also, is it expensive for people to send texts/phone me whilst in Greece?



i found it cheaper to buy the phone cards than use my mobile and im not 100% sure but i think it cost 50p a txt, it was few years ago that i went so there is probably some form of bolt on for your mobile to make it cheaper.

I'm not trying to pick a fight, but why do people pay lots of money to go away & then spend all their time texting/phoning people back home? If I go somewhere the phone gets switched off when I get to the (UK) airport & switched back on again when I'm back at the (UK) airport. Anything in between gets treated by me as a holiday, as in "a time to relax and get away from everything going on at home". If I wanted to talk to everyone I'd either bring them with me & not bother going away in the first place.

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cis-groupie. I agree with you my phone will be switched off. It's for my 18 year old Daughter to keep in touch with her boyfriend. Wish me luck.....

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Thanks Pink-Ka, I think we will get her a phone card, at least we know how much shes spending - LOL

If it's for your daughter then I agree with pink-ka - get her a phone card, that way she won't rack up a huge bill.
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