Cheapest way to port mobile number out/in? Lebara offers NOT working!

Posted 1st Aug 2022 (Posted 1 h, 18 m ago)
Hi Everyone,

I'm currently with Smarty and my promo deal ends in a few days. I had planed to port out with Lebara 99p offer for a few days and then take up another offer with Smarty. Unfortunately the discount (from £3.99 to 99p) isn't applying at checkout. I've tried different sites such at M'supermarket and Confused to apply the discount but no dice.

I'm assuming it's not coincidence that it's 1st August and perhaps either the offer or links no longer work.

So what are the cheapest options to port in/out?

Before someone suggests it, Smarty customer service refuse to give me the promo deal I've asked for :-)
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    Asda, free to port in and out, bear in mind you have to wait 24 hrs to port out from them. Not sure about Lebara offer is it not working.
    How does Asda work? i.e. PAYG? Wouldn't you have to top up? I don't suppose you have a link?

    Thanks. (edited)
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    Three SIM card port out to three then on same day port to whatever new deal you need.
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