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Posted 29th Jun
I’m selling books on EBay atm and would like to make a little bit of profit without spending too much on delivery.

What’s the cheapest way to deliver books? Royal Mail seem to charge £3.10 to post a standard book 2nd class. Sometimes I’ve been charged £1.83 even though I’m sure it was over the measurements.
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Hi been doing the same thing selling books and usually post them about £3.10 2nd Class as well. I'm not sure if their is a cheaper method. Think the book depends on its weight as well as the dimensions.
Sell locally on Facebook marketplace etc collection only
myhermes are 2.80 for up to 2kg ... size allowance is generous too
depends how many you send to one address

if it’s just one thin book, 88p 2nd class Royal Mail
Royal Mail go by weight and size. I would say Hermes apart from the fact I wouldn’t ever recommend them in my life. Probably more chance of the delivery driver reading through the book than your buyer. Stick to Royal Mail, there’s a reason they’ve been round donkeys years
Thanks, will have a look at maybe using Hermes
alison198929/06/2020 17:04

Thanks, will have a look at maybe using Hermes

I think you can get a further 20% off Hermes using a Unidays code. If you have a particularly heavy parcel, why not try asking for a code on the designated Unidays thread (which I can’t seem to find at the moment) or ask around any friends or family that may have access.
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Currently hermes is half price through eBay. Even at full price it is the cheapest and I have not had a problem since using.
I only use Royal Mail for items under 100g, which works out cheaper than hermes.
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