Posted 19th May 2016
I have bought the Onda deal posted here the other day and the item arrived faulty, it had two red columns of pixels and now won't turn on.

So I asked gearbest who offered me to return it to them in China (at my cost) and for me to pay extra for the shipping of a new item back to me...

I point blank refused and went to file a PayPal claim which was naturally resolved in my favour.

But PayPal is also asking me to return the item to China, tracked...

Regardless of me ordering from EU warehouse btw.

I am wondering if anyone knows what would be the cheapest way to do this? (So ship a package, tracked to China)

I tried arguing with gearbest again based on winning the claim but they simply wanted to scam me into closing the claim.

Also as warning to others that when ordering from Gearbest you are NOT protected from getting a faulty on arrival item,...

And PayPal protection is absolute rubbish as any (even ebay) sellers who ships from UK can simply put a China or some random address and you need to send the item there, tracked, which causes most low value item to not be worth it for the postage.

Many thanks on any advice or ideas in advance.
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