Cheapest way to send a parcel from US to UK

Found 24th Dec 2011

please let me know if you know the best or cheapest way to send a box from the US.
It's one normal moving box with about 30kg weight.
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try this

It is the size that can cost more rather that wieght

also try royal mail sometimes I find them cheaper with small size packages

as far as i'm aware the PO haven't any branches in the usa

soz I mean UPS = us post office
'fraid you're wrong again miles. UPS are a courier which operate throughout the world.

The equivalent of Royal Mail in the USA is the USPS and a word of caution, they're definitely not cheap to ship to the UK or the RoW. A large letter sent by Royal Mail to the USA using standard airmail costing £3~ will cost almost 3x as much to return to the UK via USPS.
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