Cheapest way to travel from Swansea to Carlisle????

Looking to travel from Swansea to Carlisle weekend of 18th July, anyone know which is the cheapest way? Trainfare costing nearly £200, and coach is over £120. Don't want to take the car due to petrol prices etc. Wondered if anyone knew of any promotions on rail or coach travel.

~Thanks !!!


returning when?

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21st july (Monday) for 2 people - my husband is over 60


go to


Look for cheap day saver tickets....I have travelled to London & back for £5 before...

missus got it once for £2 return...

Depends on day etc but these use to save me a fortune

OK here goes:

Standard return cost = £122.60 each
If you buy singles for the outward then return each then = £99 each

However ive looked at the journey and you can split it down further!

All singles:
FRIDAY 18/07

Swansea-------------------Crewe =£24 (£48 total for couple)
11:55 -----------------------15:24

Crewe------------------------Carlisle =£14.50 (£29 total for couple)

MONDAY 21/07

Carlisle------------------------Crewe =£14.50 (£29 for couple)

Crewe---------------------------Swansea =£19 (38 for couple)

TOTAL for you both will be:

thats the best i can find!

(If you want to leave crewe earlier on the monday then add another £5 each and book to leave at 15:18 instead)

Also, book via the ScotsRail website and get 10% off using this code: FSR10

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thanks ever so much that is great!!!!!!


....walking would be the cheapest....

It may be better if you follow the route suggested by ThePasty but buy a senior railcard for your husband at £24 - the ticket cost will then be 119.50 - total cost £143.50 (50p saving from the above) but you end up with the railcard which lasts 12 months and gives your husband 34% off all rail travel!!
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