Cheapest way to travel on London underground

    I am visiting London for a day in August (midweek - off peak)

    I am taking the family (2 adults, and 3 kids - two are less than 5yrs).

    What kind of day pass should I buy for the best possible deal?

    Thanks in advance


    i was in london last weekend and bought a pay as you go oyster card (cost me £12 - £2 deposit and £10 credit from national express coach station otherwise £13 in london i think). this works on the underground and buses - not sure about trains.

    what what i could work out with bus prices was:

    using oyster card

    90p single journey (instead of £2.00)

    children under 11 free travel

    over 11 and under 16 i think they needed a id bus pass or something otherwise adult fare (this may be wrong!)

    underground was £1.50 single trip (not sure normal price or zones)

    not sure about child prices as to whether they had to pay or were also free as son was with my dad using his staff travel card.

    if you are making lots of trips in a day the oyster card will stop charging you once you reach the cost of a day travel card (£4.80 i think)

    not sure about any family travel cards available.

    i think this info is correct - i am going off the info on bus stop ticket machines and the info card i got with my oyster card. if its not correct i'm sure someone will let you know!

    the oyster card works on some trains such as silverlink (renamed london overground) but it doesn't work with south west trains. but to be honest, if you're a tourist, you'll probably just be using tube, dlr and busses which oyster cards are all valid on.

    Hi I went to london last saturday, you can buy a oyster card at london tube stations, £3.00 refundable deposit and you can top up with any amount you want, I put £1.80 on as i only wanted to make two bus trips, ( normal non oystercard cost would be £2.00 each trip, making my trip £4.00 in total a saving of £2.20) there is price capping I think its £3.00 per day which makes all trips after that figure free, making oystercard travel cheaper than a travel card, just Google oystercard. Have a great day.

    best i found recently was a day pass - bought after 9.30 am from a tube ticket office.

    checkout the london underground website for the price [url][/url]


    free lol don't pay just hop it

    If You Have A Child Oyster Card, Top It Up With £1 And All The Train Journeys Will be Free, This Also Includes Zones 1-9

    I would buy a one day travel card as you are going off peak, as you do not have to pay the deposit like on the oyster card. The travel card can be purchased after 9.30am from the train station, zones 1-4 off peak travel card is £5.90 and 1-7 £7 for the day. You can use it on all London buses and tubes. Children without an oystercard can get a £2 all day travel card. You can use the travel cards to get the 2 for 1 offers at moany London attractions, but these are not valid using an oyster. Just print off vouchers from here and show travel card to get 2 for 1 into tower of london, kensington palace etc. If you buy an oyster card and use it a lot on the day it usually rounds it up to a travel card off peak.

    I dont understand people recommending a travel card? Oyster is capped at £4.80 a day, therefore the cheaper option?


    I dont understand people recommending a travel card? Oyster is capped at … I dont understand people recommending a travel card? Oyster is capped at £4.80 a day, therefore the cheaper option?

    The problem with the oyster card for those visiting London and wanting to visit attractions using the 2 for 1 rail offer is that an oyster card cannot be used to get these offers. They need a paper ticket (with the vouchers they have printed off) and it is therefore better value for them to get an off peak travel card. Eg. Tower of London a family of 4 saves £26. An oyster card is capped to save only 50p on the travelcard rate per day. Visitors have the hassle of filling out forms to claim back their £3 deposit and any remaining money on the oyster. Children between 11-16 also need a photocard to use their oysters (not needed with a travelcard, when accompanied by an adult) and these have to be ordered in advance and collected on arrival from one of the mainline stations. An oyster is great for regular London travel and peak travel, but as op is going offpeak, a travel card is less hassle and offers great savings if visiting attractions.

    Original Poster

    Many thanks for all teh responses - do I need an Oyster Car per person (2 adults and 3 kids (all aged below 6) )?

    I applied on this site a few months back and received 1 Oyster Card free of charge but haven't used it yet.

    Original Poster

    Hi everybody - I have rang London transport.

    Children under 11 can travel free on the underground if accompanied by somebody with an Oyster Card. As I received a complimentory Oyster Card a while ago, ! was advised that all I need to do is put £5.30 credit on the Oyster Card (covering zones 1and2) and that means me and the kids can travel for the whole day with me.

    As for the wife's travel on the tube, the advisor said that I need to buy another Oyster Card (£3) and then put £5.30 credit onto it. So, £8.30 for teh day seems a bit high for her.

    Susancs / chas76 / steve187 - The advisor didn't mention a refund for the card + refund any outstanding credit??? How does this work? Would I get away with putting £4.80 only on the cards rather than the £5.30 mentioned by the advisor?
    Thanks in advance
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