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Found 19th Mar 2006

Can someone find me the cheapest web hosting, that comes with:

1) Domain name ( example.com )

2) No ads

Thats it, thanks in advance.


I use hostexcellence.com/

Cheapest is $2.99/month but pay a little more and you get some really good packages. They are very reliable and their software, should you wish to use it, is very good.[size=7][/size][/color]

I use [url]www.100WebSpace.com[/url]

Free hosting package

100MB disk space
3GB bandwidth
3 POP3 e-mails & Webmail
Free 24/7 technical support
MySQL database
FTP access
Web-based file manager
Small banner

The free technical support has been very usefull and quick at responding. You can get rid of the small banner for only £6 one off payment. And also add another MySQL database for £6 one off payment. The FTP access only allows you to upload 500kb a time, so it can be frustrating if your uploading software like phpBB. They also need to contact you by phone after purchasing an upgrade so make sure your at home when they ring.

Have a look at [url]www.orchardhosting.com[/url] I've used them for 8 sites I';ve done and found them to be excellent. Summary - they offer everything you could possibly want such as webmail, countless number of free scripts, and no pop-up advertising and all from £10/year. Also get POP3 Acct, FTP Access, Mail-Forwarding, Email Auto-Responder etc etc!

HTH - Mark.

Original Poster

Thanks for all the help. Does the orchard one come with a domain name?

You can get a .co.uk domain name at [url]www.1and1.co.uk[/url] for just £1.99 - that's great value and you never get downtime.

Are there any cheap hosts that offer asp 3 or asp .net support.


I've been using Fasthosts and I'm not saying they are the cheapest around but found them to be very good. Here are a couple of hosting packages that might suit what you want...

Windows Home £3.99/month
Windows 2003 hosting with ASP, compiled CGI, PHP, Perl, SSI, virus & spam protection.

750 MB premium UK web space
200 POP3 mailboxes
Professional web mail
Virus & spam protection
Easy site creation tool
Advanced graphical statistics
ASP, complied CGI, PHP, Perl and SSI

Windows Developer £7.99/month
Create sophisticated web applications with ASP.NET.

2 GB premium UK web space
600 POP3 mailboxes
Virus & spam protection
Advanced graphical statistics
.NET Framework 1.1
ASP, PHP, Perl, compiled CGI and SSI
SSL secure web space

You can also register your domain name with them through sister company UKREG. Prices include email forwarding, website forwarding, website control panel (which is very easy to use), free dial up internet if you want and also name server changes.

Also - sorry if i'm stating obvious to some ppl - worth mentioning that if you want to both send/recieve POP3 email ie using Outlook, using your [email protected] address, Fasthosts needs to be your internet service provider (or the provider you have registered a domain through).

If however you have registered a domain with them but your internet service provider is for example BT, then you can only recieve POP3 email using [email protected]. Obviously this still gives you a professional web presence but you'll have to set your email application up so that when you hit the reply button it will send from your ISP account address [email protected]. Any attempt to send email using another domain name not registered with your ISP will be blocked and you'll get an error message.

In addition to/alternatively you can still send/recieve [email protected] email by logging on to their webmail service which is included as part of the package.
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