Cheapest wifi dongle with lots of data

    Hi All
    My Sky Broadband isn't working and no engineer available until after Boxing Day. What's the cheapest way to get online from home as I need to be online for work.

    Thanks in advance


    As you only need it for a short while, a Pay As You Go solution would be the best option.

    Three offer a pay per day pay as you go mobile broadband tariff which gives you 500MB to use over 24 hours for £2.99.

    With regards to a device, have you got a spare smartphone lying around? You could use that as a WiFi hotspot and you wouldn't need to buy a MiFi device.

    If you can see a neighbours wifi signal, couldn't you ask them if you can connect until yours is sorted out?

    If you know the neighbour well enough, you could ask them to let you use theirs temporarily.

    Else you will need 4g and three is probably the cheapest for mobile data.

    I've had a quick look and this from Argos appears to alright for what you need it for. It comes with 6GB preloaded. Unfortunately it's only 3G, but EE's speeds over 3G are sufficient anyway.…003
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    Currys have the EE wifi dongle for £6.99. Sign up for the 30 day rolling contract and cancel immediately
    Payment method Rolling contract
    Duration 30 days
    Data options - 2 GB for £12 per month
    - 4 GB for £18 per month
    - 16 GB for £23 per month
    - 32 GB for £29 per month

    buy 3 24gb (£28)sim from amazon and the 4G phone and combine the two

    Does your internet keep disconnecting?

    r4rcm 20 GB for £10. use your phone to tether.

    Blimey I forgot about that!

    Yeah in this case OP, have a look to see if you have any unlocked (or EE locked) smartphones lying around, or see if someone you know would lend you one to use as a hotspot.

    Stick one of the ASDA SIMs in, top up and buy the £10 bundle by 31/12/16 and enjoy 20GB to use for 30 days.
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    Original Poster

    Thanks everyone. My neighbours whose signal I could have borrowed have gone away for Christmas and the others don't have wifi. I'll pop to Argos as I have a spare iPhone I could use as a hotspot

    Merry Christmas xx

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    Does your internet keep disconnecting?

    No light in router.....have replaced microfilter etc but nothing so my brother who's an Openreach engineer thinks it's the dodgy sockets they provide.

    How much data is on your phone allowance? Just Wi-fi tether your phone. Very simple, no need for any dongle or ask your neighbour.
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    Cottage walls and no signal on my O2 phone after trying to tether yesterday


    Cottage walls and no signal on my O2 phone after trying to tether … Cottage walls and no signal on my O2 phone after trying to tether yesterday

    ​I am in a bad reception area but I put my phone or mifi up against the window and that helps.
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