cheapest wifi way to connect xbox at home

    Hi All

    What is the cheapest way to connect an xbox360 to my wireless network. Not paying 60 squid for microsoft jobby :-)


    any ethernet wireless adapter will do

    check out the wge111, it seem's to be quite cheap

    how do you connect an ethernet adaptor to the xbox??


    how do you connect an ethernet adaptor to the xbox??

    Wire from ethernet port on xbox to wireless adapter/hub. :thumbsup:


    [COLOR="Black"]do you have a laptop with wireless? Use it as a bridge - just share your wifi connection, and connect a lan cable from xbox to LAN port on laptop.[/COLOR]

    Just connect a lan cable from your Xbox to your router.

    buy a ps3


    jks lol

    if you do want to go with the micorosoft wireless adapter you can get them 2nd hand for £30 - a lot of people are changing to homeplugs or the new adapter so plenty about.

    I sold mine 4 weeks ago so no need to pay £60.
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