cheapest xbox 360 on a catalouge

    Hi my 360 has just got the red ring so i need a new 360,can afford to pay putright for one so want to pay weekly from a catalouge,which one has the cheapest deal,maybe a buy now pay next year would be help,thanks


    Can't you pick up an Arcade for around £100? Could even sell your old console (unit) on ebay to recoup some cash.

    Catalogues charge top price and charge ridiculous interest.

    Littlewoods Direct - Arcade @ £129 on buy now pay Feb 2010. All for just 39.7% APR :shock:

    Tbh prob work out cheaper getting an overdraft on your bank card and buying it with that(depending on your bank overdraft charges), then paying off the overdraft next month. :thumbsup:
    If you cant afford it do without that's my motto. :thumbsup:

    Why not open a new account with one of them and use one of the £30 off £60 codes thats what I have done. although there has been reports of people having to pay back the 40 as their not due the voucher, Ive done used a voucher with all of them and never had a will get it for £100.

    ZG112 30 off 60
    also try
    XX875 Buy now pay November 2009

    These codes should hopefully work with littlewoods littlewoods direct additions empire direct

    Is it possible to use Dixons? If they have good deals.

    I noticed when I purchased last month their Interest Free option for 12 months (as long as you pay within 12 months), has no admin charge from the credit supplier (HFC). This only applies to online deals, and I think a few codes work at the mo for over £150 - worth a butchers?

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