Cheapest Xbox 360 premium or ELITE

    My launch console has just got 1 red light (E74) and i would rather not pay £70 for warranty and get someones else console i would rather get a brand new console.

    So where is the cheapest xbox 360 premium or elite.

    i didnt post this in deal request as no one goes in there and i never get a reply!


    M$ upgraded the warranties to 3 years free of charge. I can't imagine you are out of that warranty period are you?

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    But that warranty is only on the 3 red lights i have 1 though

    Ive had the one light problem to, also a launch console, just phone MS and say you have the red lights and they will pick it up and fix it gratis.

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    I am sure there are ways in which that 1 red light can become 3? :whistling:

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    well out of luck today it got 3 red lights then 1 so i have phoned support and they r taking it back for free and gonna fix it


    im dreading the day when my xbox is going to get the rrod


    im dreading the day when my xbox is going to get the rrod

    simple rule: buy a ps3.

    on the other side i've had 4 RROD's and one DVD Drive failure.
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