Cheapest Xbox 360 S 250gb

Found 6th Sep 2010
Anyone know the best deals going for an Xbox 360 S 250gb. Or a shop that gives high trade values. I have a PS3 60gb model to trade in.

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Am i right in thinking the 60GB version is the one that plays PS2 games? These can be sold on for a higher amount than the other phat models - less hassle to trade in i guess but better of selling and getting the console out right.
Yeah its the one that plays PS2 games. I seen a few sell for around £150 on ebay, on their own. But after fees it will be reduced. I know CEX pay £120 cash and £150 exchange, but would prefer a brand new sealed Xbox 360.

Was hoping someone knew the exchange prices for Game or Gamestation, because they dont tell you over the phone!
Ebay fee's aint as much as you think, its roughly in total 10%.. sometimes less. I sold a phone on there for around £200, and got £187 or so. So if you got 150, you would probably get around the 140 mark. That can go a good way towards the 360
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