cheapest xbox 360 wireless adapter (bridge)?

    It's bloody expensive this thing. About £60 in shops and the cheapest i can find it is about £45. Anyone found anything cheaper?



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    £45 is a good price (its not Play Asia is it?) next cheapest is probably PC world £50

    £47.10 from Ebuyer if you use the £10 off google checkout...

    or this…885
    £33 from ebuyer with google checkout.

    or this…644
    for about £26 with google checkout

    Unless you can find a wired > wireless bridge cheap that would also do it.

    Wouldn't look as neat as the 360 adaptor though.

    You can get a cheap Linksys gaming adaptor for £20 on Ebay, but it needs to be powered from the mains and has a ethernet cable so works with Gamecube and PS2 or even a desktop or laptop to make it wireless.

    Only other flaw is its WEP security at most.
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