Cheapest/best place for contact lenses? Thank you!

    Where is the best place for contact lenses?

    Thank you.


    I'm on lens mail via spectators.. Been happy with them... Not sure if cheapest

    getlenses - normally 10% off first order

    It will depend on the contact lenses you use. The ones I had a prescription for years ago were much cheaper online than from the opticians, but my current ones airoptix night and day are much cheaper direct from vision express than any online store I've find by miles

    I used in the past but now vision direct as they do my exact prescription for toric lenses, whereas the other site didn't have the right lens size for my eyes. both companies are much of the same, free delivery and good prices.

    I got my toric lenses from vision direct for £16 a box (3 lenses, obviously buy 2 boxes for 3 months supply lol) whereas specsavers want £18 a month in their lens scheme.
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    Thanks for all the responses!

    I buy mine online from the USA. Even after postage costs they work out cheaper than buying from within the UK.

    I've been stung for VAT on the import only once in all the time I've been doing it.

    I used to use daysoft lenses, nowadays I buy from

    Crystal 1 Day are the cheapest one day lens option, and they now do a Moist version.…tml (£7.50 per eye for a month, less if you buy a 3 month supply).

    Moist version:…tml £9.75 a month, again, less for a 3 month supply. also do special offers from time to time.

    Daysoft still seem to work out slightly cheaper, though.

    This site worked out cheapest for my lenses and they always have discount codes

    I've been using specsavers for years. I use ciba vision focus dailies comfort and it works out the cheapest compared to other websites of the same brand. £9.16 per box and 30 lens / box. So work out £55 for 3 month supply incl. delivery.

    Drawback is specsavers requires you to update your contact lens prescription every year and the test cost about 20quid so I usually purchase a bulk order (12 month supply) before the prescription expires to save some money.
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