Cheapest/Best value iPod nano speakers/dock


    Could anybody recommend the cheapest or best value iPod nano speakers/dock sort of thing. This would be for the lastest version of Nano.

    I would prefer it if you could suggest somewhere where it is easily available (Eg, the Superdrug ones seem impossible to find)... Look forward to hearing from you!



    Hi go Superdrug online they have them there for £14.99 hope this helps:santa:

    sorry just realised that they only have pink left

    try this 1 have bought 4 as xmas pressies and they have great sound…UR4

    Original Poster

    Thanks for the replies.

    love my boots; Just a look but it seems now none are available, which is a shame but I don't think it is quite what I was after when I saw it on the shelf today (Probably been sold now after me wasting soo much time deciding!!)... Not sure though.

    ettam123; This looks great but some comments mention it is not 100% compatable with the new Ipod nano (Eg, doesn't charge it).

    If anybody has any other recommendations, that would be dead good too!

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