Cheapest/best value upscaling DVD player with MPEG4 playback

    I'm looking for recommendations on an upscaling/HD conversion DVD player which has DivX/Xvid/MPEG4 playback (and ideally, though it's unlikely, OGM and WMV).

    e.g. this one from LowestOnWeb for £99.99:…44B

    For those that have, or are about to, invest in the latest TV technology that can receive High Definition TV signals, this DVD player is a must. It transforms your DVD collection and takes the picture quality to another level. It is like swapping from VHS to DVD all over again. The reason is simple for this giant leap in image quality, digital video connections. With DVI and HDMI outputs, if these are connected to either a DVI or HDMI connection on a TV, the signal is digitally pure without any degradation, as it is not being converted back and forth from digital to analogue.

    Being digitally ready coupled with its ability to output HD resolution video images (720 lines progressively and 1080 lines interlaced) to the connected display ensure the highest quality image. And for those that do not have the latest TVs, this is still a must, with a progressive DVD Component output that allows you to output upscaled DVD pictures in analogue form, so you can get to see the images in HD resolutions, again the picture quality difference is staggering.

    This slim line RELISYS is one of the very few Hi Def Conversion DVD players now available. Not only is the digital picture quality unsurpassed it also has the option of connecting to an amplifier digitally too for the best in audio.

    * Hi-Def Conversion DVD Player
    * DivX Playback
    * DVI and HDMI connections
    * 4:3 | 16:9
    * PAL | NTSC
    * Integrated MP3- and WMA player
    * Includes Free DVI and HDMI cables


    Samsung DVDHD950 perhaps - havn't got one but looks like it will do what you want. Also looks gorgeous in the flesh as long as black fits in with your colour scheme.…6a0

    Original Poster

    Thanks, this looks like a good player.

    For others, this is £129.99 at Richer Sounds, £113 at Pixmania.

    can't disagree - this player has got some great reviews!


    or you could go for the…y=6

    samsung 850 divx, hdmi, upscale, for £81 in silver :-)

    Original Poster

    Yeah, I saw the 850 but it doesn't 5.1 output, which is a bit pants. It is a fair bit cheaper, though.
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