Cheapest/Quickest way to get to Inverness

    I need to get to Inverness next month travelling on either Friday the 8th or Fridaty 15th and coming back the Monday (11th or 18th respectivlly)

    I need to travel from Leeds.

    I own a young persons rail card so travelling via train to another city is also an option...

    All ideas helpful and greatlly appriciated


    Ryanair fly from East Midlands to Inverness. They were full on your outbound and 1p for a return flight excluding taxes if you return on the 18th

    Easyjet fly from LGW or Luton

    Outbound on 15th:
    LGW £15.99
    LUT £14.99

    Return on 18th:
    LGW £56.99
    LUT £54.99

    Totals about £90 inc taxes

    Or you could fly up with Easyjet and return on the 1p fare with Ryanair to East Midlands.

    Original Poster

    OMG - ok maybe thats not the way to go then :whistling: I'm not that rich!!!

    Anyone have any other ideas? I dont care if i have to go coach some way then train or whatever.

    Where abouts are you based Becks?

    National Express travel from London to Inverness for £60 return but it might be cheaper if you're further oop north or can find a promo code.

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    I'm in Leeds love and thanks for the help so far. from Preston perhaps?

    Cheap but not quick :-(

    Good find Dido-wotsit.

    Preston to Inv on 8th and return on 11th is 40 squid. And the times seem more reasonable than National Express (leave later and get in earlier to both destinations). And it's £33 return on the later travel dates.

    Compare that to Eastern Airways who wanted £90 for Inverness to Leeds Bradford and no availability on the outward journey. Strange that seats are all booked on the way up and no-one is coming back!


    Good find Dido-wotsit. ..................Strange that seats are all … Good find Dido-wotsit. ..................Strange that seats are all booked on the way up and no-one is coming back!

    Dio, not Dido!

    Anyway, can't blame people for staying there

    Original Poster

    Guys -
    thankyou! Looks like mega-bus will be the way to go. Saving money is more important to me than the time.

    Thankyou SO much!!


    The best way is to mix and match, as the bus and train journey between Inverness and Edinburgh is almost the same time.

    I found this:

    08 JUNE LEEDS - EDINBURGH 1205/1513 [/b] £ 7.25 [/b]
    11 JUNE EDINBURGH - LEEDS 1605/1908 [/b] £ 7.25 [/b]

    11 JUNE INVERNESS - EDINBURGH 1110/1440 [/b]£9.50[/b]

    There is a short walk from the train to bus station but it's easy enough.

    Haven't checked the week after...
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