Cheapest:The Official Theory Test for Car Drivers

Hi everyone new to this:) does any one know where i can get a really cheap driver theory CD for cars which includes hazard perception :?: due to take my test in 2 weeks! p:?: lease help:thumbsup:



i have one but unfortunately it is probably of no use to you as my friend is borrowing it for her theory on fri, im then collecting it off her on the tue if she passes. When exactly is your theory test?

I recently bought the complete DVD in ASDA for £7.50

10.99 or 14.99 for L plates and a highway code book.
I bought the 10.99 one it was sport on, questions were almost exactly the same, i only got one question wrong. Good luck!


Some bargains there, especially in the Market Place :thumbsup:

i have driving test essential study aid

2004 driving test success 2cd including hazard perception
+ 2cd extra for hazard perception.

PM me if your interested.

Oh and don't bother with a highway code book, learn it from a cd with teh qusetion banks + the entire highway code is on the hihg way code website

do u need 2 know a lot 4 highway code?`


do lots of practise tests because most of the questions they ask you are the same as the practise ones. You have to be pretty simple to fail imo, although I do know some people who have failed by 1 mark because they 'didn't need to revise' and hand to retake it which is quite expensive.

yeh i know 1 person my cusins mate he failed it let me quote "7" times!!!

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;-) Thanks everybody for your help just bought one from amazon, my test is gnna be on friday 13th :!: ( i know with the superstiton n all but wish me luck) just want to pass it asap coz my driving instructer said i gotta pass before September 07 because theres gnna be more questions on the thoery test plus its gnna be more expensive!!!!!!!! not that it aint expensive already, thanks again..................:-

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If anyone else is looking for a cheap theory CD follow this link :
ONLY £4.97 from asda.co.uk with free delivery i shall be cancelling my amazon order..

product has now gome up to £8.97 quite a jump in price dont know why? however well pleased passed on 1st august with 52 for hazard perception and 31 for theory part!!!!!!
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