Cheap/Good Value Washing Machine?


    Am hoping someone can find me a deal on a cheap washing machine have looked on currys with the 5% off and checked pricerunner & kelkoo but nothing really stands out at the minute as a great deal.

    Dont mind if its just a cheap brand for cheap money or something a bit more expensive but a good deal just after value for money really.



    What is your budget?

    For your consideration

    At John Lewis you could get this ]indesit washer £199.99,there is a voucher for £10 off in the vouchers section,you also get 8% quidco...this would bring it to around £181.70 delivered.They also give a 2 year guarantee,most places it is 12 months,so something to consider.

    Hope this helps.

    If cheap is what you want ASDA £158 maybe free delivery on order over £75?LOL

    Original Poster

    Not really got a budget for it - ideally can find something very cheap:thumbsup: if not then a decent/good value (big saving on list price etc) buy would be spot on.

    Thanks for replies, just having a look through now:thumbsup:
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