Cheapish Branded Compact Digital Camera

    Looking for a cheapish good brand Digital Camera with the following specs:

    Good Brand (Canon, Panasonic, Samsung, Casio, Fujifilm)
    Compact / Ultra Compact Form Factor
    Li-ion battery
    At least 3x Optical Zoom
    At least a 2.5" Screen
    Must take SD & SDHC cards
    At least 6MP

    Was looking to spend about £50 - £75 (been scouring ebay) but the choice is too much!

    Anybody got some suggestions?

    Thanks :-)


    dont get one on ebay - i think there are some sony dsc 6mp camera for about your money - try amazon

    oh sorry sony is wrong memory card for you

    This Samsung 8mp has all your needs and half price in Comet, reduced to £59.99 plus 3.5% quidco…ion

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    SAMSUNG D860 looks good but I think its powered by 2 x AA batteries and I cant find a review ..

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    Rechargeable battery (Optional) :SNB-2512B KIT(2xAA 2500mAh Ni-MH Battery & Charger)

    cant find anywhere to buy it though..


    Rechargeable battery (Optional) :SNB-2512B KIT(2xAA 2500mAh Ni-MH Battery … Rechargeable battery (Optional) :SNB-2512B KIT(2xAA 2500mAh Ni-MH Battery & Charger) cant find anywhere to buy it though..

    you can buy then everywhere, search for '2xAA 2500mAh Ni-MH Battery & Charger'

    the kit is irrelevant hun

    I'll have a look for you

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    yea I think the main issue is probably the fact I need separate batteries and a charger ..

    Been looking at the Samsung P800 for £80 at PCWorld which has an li-ion battery but cant find a review of it again ! :-(

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    interesting ... now Im torn between a P800 and a Samsung NV8 if I can find one for a good price..


    what have I done ????

    will have a google

    Deal in Curry's......£89.99 free delivery plus 10 free prints and Quidco…ion

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    I found it for £85 from currys or dixons cant remember...

    Bit more than I wanted to pay though hmm

    Thanks choc1969 will look around a bit more before I buy but this helped

    Would you consider buying a Brand new Panasonic DMC-FS5 Lumix only took it out the box yesterday. 10.1 mp I would take £80 for it. With postage included

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    pm'd you Bigfoot600


    did you already sell your fs5?

    Original Poster


    Bigfoot600,did you already sell your fs5?

    yes I bought it
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