Cheapish digital camera for g/f

    Looking for a cheapish point and shoot type digital camera for my lady friend.
    Been trawling through the recent postings on here and so far have come up with these two.…IOK…spx (with the £10 off and camera bag/memory card deal recently posted on HUKD)

    If anyone has either or thoughts/opinions about other ones in the same price range I would appreciate it very much and give you some of that rep type stuff that people seem to like.

    Gracias amigos.



    get her one of these... only so many things she can take pictures of in the kitchen.

    Original Poster

    brilliant.. although she'd have to leave at some point to get them developed and thats not going to make my dinner arrive any quicker.

    His missus is 89 years old, i would get her one of these to bring back some old memories.

    " Cheapish digital camera for g/f "

    Seems like a fair swap to me....;-):)
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