Cheapish gift for nursery staff that's not edible?

Found 18th Dec 2017

I need to buy my daughter's nursery staff (10ish staff members) something small for Christmas but they already have so many chocolates and food items. Do you have any other ideas of what I could buy? I don't really want to spend over £2 per staff member. I've looked miniature bottles of alcohol but I know at least 2 don't drink.

Thanks in advance.
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A lotto ticket 💰
Maybe a mug each? Or candles?
Boots Limited editionUnicorn foamburst. £2 smells of marshmallow mmmmmmmm.
might be in local stores alternatively click and collect.
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Candle? A nice Christmas ornament?
I used to get personalised fridge magnets made, Never over £2.50 from EBay. I now work in the school and those same teachers still have them years later, and appreciated.
You could offer a donation to their next evening out
dust caps for their cars/bikes
If they work in a nursery, what about earplugs.
Please don't feel like you really have to or need to buy something for 10 of them. Let them play pass the parcel and see who wins
You can buy malteasers box from pound shops or After eight chocs.
kt211 h, 11 m ago

You could offer a donation to their next evening out

This is the best idea. They get paid crap and deserve a night out.
Bookmarks or keyrings
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Wineglass charms
Not saying the place where you're speaking of does this, but my friend works at a nursery and every year many parents (like yourself) bring in little gifts, usually wine and chocolates to be honest.. they all get left under the tree until they close up for xmas, they then all get called up to the managers office one by one and allowed to pick one thing each, once they're done and everyone has had a decent choice and something they like, they then let them chose another (until everything has been taken)..
So everyone gets something they like, the chocoholics will pick their faves and the winos will go for the booze.. chances are that they're not all sharing the gift, just a thought

They could well share all the chocolates and keep them in the staff room and use any alcohol for a night out or something but who really knows..

I wouldn't worry about it too much, they will no doubt appreciate anything you give them, at the end of the day it's a gift, they won't like a bottle of prosecco any less because there's already three under the tree. they're probably grateful XD!

I totally understand where you're coming from btw, I don't want to come off as rude XD! x
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How about a joint present for them , a donation towards a night out is great , but normally works best when all the parents do it as a joint gift. Otherwise how about some drinks for them to have whilst working ( you will normally find ourlocal preschool has tea and coffee , but never any decent hot chocolate or even Ribena to make a hot drink ) .
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