Cheapish mobile phone for mum..?

    Hi, just looking for some advice really.. My mum had a Nokia 6300 for about 2 years now but has since fallen to bits. Ideally she'd like another Nokia as it's familiar to her and wont need her to relearn how to use a different brand. Her budget is around £70 but we're at a loss as to what phone would be suitable. I was thinking maybe the 6303? Just wondering what you guys would suggest/recommend? Thanks!


    6303 is the sideways successor to the 6300 I saw it for £70 i think earlier?

    6700 was the proper successor to the 6300 this was available for £99 i think..

    I know of a 3 year old 6300 still going strong, in a krusell case, well protected.. with screen protector, may I suggest some decent accessories off ebay for the new phone?
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    Thanks for getting back! I was reading some reviews of the 6700, beautiful phone imo but seems to have some issues (hardware and software related). I'm not so sure I'd trust a 3 year old phone tbh, I think she may prefer something a bit newer (in hope it will last longer). I'm thinking it's going to have to be the 6303 from argos at £65, then unlock it.

    i bought this the other week for my dad…777
    but its now gone up in price i only paid £1 for it but because the offer was on a network that i didnt have a sim card for i also had to buy £10 airtime but hey a phone for £11 and a nokia aswell and ya still get to use the credit.

    If you want new, get one of these..…tml

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