Cheapish Portable Hard Drive (2.5"/3.5")

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Found 25th Mar 2009
Hi, I'm looking for a USB powered external hard drive.

I'm not looking to spend too much (around £40) and don't want too much storage (~250GB)

I've been lookig around but wondered if anyone knew of any particularly good deals on at the moment

Any help appreciated!


I'm looking for something similar but I'd like a 500gb one. I've got a 160gb Western Digital Passport which is fantastic, small so its easy to carry around and they have great reviews. Try looking at the prices at Amazon or Pixmania. If you're going to spend over £40 (I think) at Pixmania I can refer you and you'll get a £7 off voucher.
Hope this helps, just let me know if you want the voucher.

Edit- Just seen this so you wont need me to send you the voucher.

Just tried the voucher code and the site says it's expired !

Original Poster

Oh man really?

I was seriously considering that Maxtor 250GB one


I can try sending you both the refer a friend voucher if you want, you'll have to pm me your email address to do it.

Thanks, but the price of Pixmania postage on these (5.95) means it almost as cheap to get a WD passport drive from Currys, you can than at least take it back if it doesn't work !

Yeah thats true, I forgot about postage. I'm gona have a look at the price at currys now.

250 gig passport for £54.99 (well, it was last night any way !).
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