Cheapo Graphics Card??

Heyguys, just wondering about upgrading my graphics card on my Dell Vostro 200. I've had a look around and seen lots of conflicting advice.

I'm looking for a Nice GFX card that prefereably costs less that £40. I realise this will limit my options, but I might be willing to go to £50(ish).
Needs to be PCI-Express x16. Also I think the power availible from my PSU is in the region of 30W. Figured this out by checking the power requirements of the cards that Dell offered to ship with it.

EDIT: Had a browse on the Dell Forums, it appears the PSU can chuck out enough power for a more energy intensive cards (lets say up to 60W)


I am no expert on graphics cards, but this one was recomended to me:

Asus HD 3650 256Mb DDR3 HDTV out at £48.99 from ebuyer (which I admit is at the top of your price range).…131

It is Vista ready and supports Direct X 10 (for Direct X 10 games).

It also has 2 DVI outputs if you ever want to run two DVI monitors.

ebuyer offer free delivery if you take their 5 day option, but I have never had to wait more than 2 days when I take that option.

I agree with the above choice

Yep, best card for the money. Just hope it'll fit breadthwise though, as it's got quite a large, protruding cooler - ]an independent review with pics.

If it's a slim tower forget this as it'll only take a low profile (half-height) graphics card.

Original Poster

That looks pretty sweet!. Had a browse through some of toms hardware and other such sites, do you think that this would be a better choice?…265

An Nvidia 8600GT 256MB DDR3.

I'm fairly certain that it's DirectX 10 compatible.

Still got the 2 DVI for running a second monitor (WoW AND hotukdeals at the same time! Dare I live the dream?)

Any thoughts?

The HD 3650 is marginally better. Add something for £1+ to get free delivery on your order :thumbsup:

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