Cheapo HDMI DVD player

Found 26th Sep 2006
Looking for a cheapo HDMI, Div-X playing DVD player available...

Needs to be silver in colour (yes, the Mrs! )

Thanks in advance!
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Hi Jatwap

It depends what you mean by cheapo, and what you want it for:

The Toshiba SD360E can be had for around £65 delivered (EmpireDirect, or just do a google search) and depending on where you get it, you can get HDUK & quidco deals on this to bring it down. This has HDMI output and DivX playback and also upscales standard def DVDs to hi-def resolutions in progressive scan. It does all the way up to 720p and 1080i. It also got a 5* What Hi Fi review. It truly is a sweet DVD player for the price.

If, however, your budget doesn't stretch that far you can check this £50 baby out:


For around £69 you can get the Samsung DVD-HD860 here:


BUT - It's mainly black with just a bit of silver, so the missus might not be too chuffed with that.

My personal opinion would be for the Toshiba. It reviews well, looks good and is generally all round awesome!

Hope it helps

Gd advice!
How about this?

Sharp DV-SV97H upscaling HDMI DVD player; also plays DIVX files at high-def.

£99.99 reduced to £69.99 at ]PLAY.

Review ]here.
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