Cheapo Headphones for around £30

    Hello all,

    I'm looking for headphones that are of reasonable quality and aren't wireless for around £30.

    I'm completely clueless when it comes to audio equipment, please could you help me out.



    these are very good headphones i have them myslef and there amazing the price has been reduced too so its a bargain…8-1

    It may help if you specified the type of headphones you would like eg 'in ear' or 'over ear' type,or maybe what you will use them for,eg for mp3 player etc.

    As a brand, sennheiser are usually good throughout their range,though.

    Quality over ear ones can surpass £1000 speaker setup (I totally adore my Sennheiser HD650's which completely pwn) But at this price range over ear ones would be a bit cheap so those Shure in ear ones is the best audio you can get at that price range for portable audio. If you can stretch your budget to £50ish these are the best overear headphones you can get for under £100 from anywhere:…g=p

    Sorry to go off topic....schizoboy..what does 'pwn' mean?
    I have seen this mentioned in mags and on here but am clueless,I assume it is some sort of acronym:oops:


    haha that is inaccurateThey're very … haha that is inaccurateThey're very f****** good basically :-D

    I think I see now....'tis modern day terminology for something that is better than something else....have I got that right?:)


    I think I see now....'tis modern day terminology for something that is … I think I see now....'tis modern day terminology for something that is better than something else....have I got that right?:)

    Your're taking the mick now :P

    Original Poster

    What I'm after from a head set is something that reasonable for watching films and maybe playing the odd games and music cds.

    I would prefer the bigger headphones just so I cant hear anything like the phone, or the neighbours humping. Something that I can submerge myself in.

    The reason I'm not interested in wireless headphones is mainly because I'm not to keen in there quality and also I dont want my neighbour picking up on what im listening too, especialy certain films :P as ive heared what she's listening too a couple of times with my wireless headphones.

    Also another reason for the headphones is because I work crazy shifts and sometimes get home late and am unable at times to put my speakers on in case I wake the neighbours... or the beast that lives in my basement :P

    BTW I came across these Creative HQ 1700 headphones.
    Are they any good. or should I solely stick with Sennheiser.…spx

    Thanks for all your replies.

    neighbours humping indeed...that could be a money spinner...ever thought of charging admission to your home?? LOL

    Original Poster

    Curry, my neighbour is like 100,000,003 years and 7 months old old. in fact I think she's that ugly and old that the Crypt keeper from "tales from the crypt keeper" is scared of her.

    Is he Creative HQ 1700 that I posted a link to earlier any good?
    I found another possible candidate,
    Sennheiser HD435 Open Headphone:…1-3

    If your interested here's the specifications on the Creative HQ-1700 headphones according to Microdirect.



    Product Type
    Headphones - wired
    126 g
    Gold-plated connectors

    Headphones Type
    Headphones - binaural
    Headphones Form Factor
    Connectivity Technology
    Sound Output Mode
    Response Bandwidth
    10 - 25000 Hz
    104 dB
    35 Ohm
    30 mm
    Magnet Material

    Connector Type
    1 x headphones ( mini-phone stereo 3.5 mm )

    Cables Included
    1 x headphones cable - integrated
    Manufacturer Warranty

    Service & Support
    2 years warranty
    Service & Support Details
    Limited warranty - 2 years

    Another set that you might want to take a look at are these - ]http//ww…nes
    They're light & easy to wear for reasonable periods, whereas fully enclosed ones can mean that your ears get too hot!
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