Found 23rd Jan 2010
There have been a couple of deals mentioned on here before with

I have bought a couple of things from them over the last 6 months.
As is usual i created a unique email for use with that retailer that i dont use *anywhere* else on the internet.

Yesterday i recieved spam to that email address.

This email address would never be generated from any standard spamming "email generation" tactic. In fact i have my own domain which makes that even more unlikely.

So my conclusions are

1) cheapsmells database of emails has been stolen
2) they sold off email addresses
3) Something else??

So my question is - has anyone else started to see spam they can trace to this vendor ?

I have emailed them about it and the have replied to say they are going to look into it.
So thats something at least.
I'd been very happy with the service and deals from cheapsmells but wont use them again without getting this cleared up.

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I suspect option 3. Random email address generators.

I dont see what you're whinging about tbh. Talk about cutting your nose off to spite your face lol

Original Poster

I was asking if anyone else had the same issue - no reason to get "bent out of shape" about it.
As to random email generators, whilst not impossible is seems unlikely given the uniqueness of the email address and the fact is does not contain any forname or surname bits.

i ordred from them loads and never had any spam other than emails about sales etc

but i'm no columbo about cheapsmells/emails

i just delete emails i don't want don't really see the need to hold an investigation as to where it came from
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