Found 29th Oct 2017 horrible costumer service and shop overall!!! One word-deceivers. I made an order a week ago. There was a problem with the payment. Was shown that the problem with the card. Meanwhile the amount was charged from my account. As a result, I didn’t receive confirmation about the order, not a voucher, lost money and, accordingly, didn’tt receive my item. I’ve tried to contact them four times, but without an answer. Total ignore. Please don’t order anything from them if you do not want to lose your money, time and nerves. They are absolute frauds!!
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Joined today to post this......
"You" had a bad experience with them..... end of.
No need to tell people not to order from them, or you will lose your money.
i have used them many times and with no prob's as I suppose others have.
.... and will continue to deal with them.
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Skaman1 h, 4 m ago

Joined today to post this......

There have been a few of these uses recently, all have loads of numbers at the end of the username that alone seems odd.
Contact your bank and see if they can help. Keep trying to call wowcher.

If you have a query regarding an order please use our Help Centre.
You can call us on 0203 699 5024 between 08:00-17:30 Monday to Friday.
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