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Found 22nd Mar 2008
Hi just wanting a little information..
I'm due to fly out at 6 oclock to Amsterdam with KLM, and then we are from amsterdam, flying out to san fransisco.
How much earlier do I have to be at the airport as I am unsure whether it is 1,2 or 3 hours?
By the way I am flying with KLM all the way


The check in at LBA should open 2 hours before your departure, so 04:00. I think they might check you in all the way through to San Fransisco with the flights being all KLM and the baggage will just be transferred at AMS.

I'm not sure If there are SSK's at LBA for KLM but i dont know if those check you in all the way through anyway.

I'd advise checking in online for both flights and then dropping your bags at the airport at the KLM luggage drop off point too avoid the check in queues.

should be ok with 1 hour at that time - 2 hour is extreme - if you are not so comfortable go for 1hr 15 - I imagine KLM will be first flight out so should help. The issue as ever is getting through security.

Regarding checking through it will be straight forward - just watch that when you arrive in AMS you will need to go through passport control again between terminals and the queues can be long (there is a special lane for folk with tight connections). When you arrive head straight for the passport queue on transfer flights - once you are hrough you can go find a coffee and wake up
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