Check minutes remaining on o2 contract phones

Found 4th May 2008
You can now check how many minutes /texts you have remaining on o2 contract phones by texting 21202 FREE from yr mobile. I believe this will only work for some customers whilst o2 are tranferring everyone over to this service. Details of remaining minutes / text and costs are texted back to you.

This is a service other networks already offer but o2 are playing catchup.
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Works great, just tried it.

Just tried it and works!

No need to login online now!
thanks v much! rep.
Just a blank text to 21202 right?
I've just tried and nothing back to me yet.
I'm on an O2 Simplicity contract.
i texted "remaining"
Still nothing
but are they up-to-date with the charges as they are always about 24 hours behind, so how many minutes you used yesterday will be available to view today and how many mins/txts you use today will be shown tomorrow.
I wish Vodafone offered this service!!

I've never understoon why the service is so far behind though. When I used to check my Virgin Mobile account online (many years ago) it would only ever be 15 minutes behind. These days I check my Vodafone account online and, sometimes, its been up to 10 days behind!!! How am I supposed to know how many minutes I've used with that kind of service! Is O2 the same??? Maybe I should switch to them lol
If your billing is not direct from o2 then this service is unavailable. ie: if carphone warehouse bill you then it wont work.

Just to confirm you only need to send a TEXT with no message (a blank text) to 21202
Mine did come through in the end. 2 hours after I sent the message though.

You can include words/numbers etc in the text and it will still work.
iPhone users can't send blank texts but just a space or full stop will do.
works great thanks a lot!
it works guys send a blank text to 21202 and it comes back with remaining minz n texts, jus tried it myself n it works
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